The Couple Guide to Booking Escort Services: A Success Party for Three

Escort services tend to the needs of a vast range of client. And this range does not always include just the male side of clients but their better halves as well. Namely, some escorts offer a specialised service that includes couples who want to try something new and get their relationship outside the comfort zone. At the same time of enjoying the stellar service, couples also get maximum privacy and discretion and can click perfectly with a suitable escort.

If you are a couple who's no stranger to escort services, here is what to know about this type of booking and what it includes.

Breaking the Ice on the First Date

Once you find an escort both of you like, which is essential in enjoying the service on both ends, you should book your date. Your first date will likely feel odd and unusual, so you don't have to book an outcall right away. Instead, you can opt for an outing and meet somewhere casually, without anyone knowing you are on a professional date. Once there, sit together, discuss the service, get your questions answered, and break the ice so there's no awkwardness.


It is for the best to choose a time and place that indulges the aviability of all three parties. It is also important to pay attention to how long your booking will be. If you are new to the experience, you can initially opt for a shorter booking and then leave room to expand the service. Oftentimes, escorts who see couples for a service will spend several hours together if an outcall has been booked, or an entire day in case the couple goes out, wants to shop, have lunch, etc. It happens rarely that a couple escort will be booked overnight, though some companions might offer it.


Another option to consider when looking into couple escort services is the travelling option. If you book a touring escort as a couple, you can both have a third wave of energy into your experience, and will feel more fulfilled during your stay at a summer resort. Plus, travelling with an escort as a couple is considered quite discrete, especially if you are travelling overseas. Still, be sure that the escort you choose both offers couple escort services and the touring option.

On the Same Page

Communcating often, clearly and all together is the only way to make a couple escort date work. Communication can erase any discomforts and leave no worries unhandled, and will also allow you to discuss your likes as well as boundaries.