6 Essentials Escort Companions Bring to Their Dates!

Whenever a client books an escort date, he can expect that his companion will arrive fully prepared for the date ahead. This applies to various aspects - her quality of service, her overall skills and reputability, as well as the actual necessities that every escort has on her. As a client, your preparation for the date is yours to manage, however, when it comes to your companion, here is what she will always have on her.


An escort date will always bring her phone with her. A phone is essential all escorts need to use, be it to get in touch with their client, the escort centre, call a taxi or else. Although an escort companion will have her phone with her, she will use it only in absolute need and will devote her entire to the client for the rest of the date. Clients who travel with escorts are advised to always make a booking at a place the escort can be reached by her agency.

2.Hygiene essentials

Every escort will always have her lady bag featuring all her must-brings. For instance, she will bring spare panties and tights, toothpaste and toothbrush, makeup, beauty products and other things that always come in handy when meeting a client.


If the client requests it, an escort can prepare her music playlist for the upcoming date and bring it with her. Music is a great asset that can change the entire mood of your booking, so if you cannot think of anything good to play for the evening, let your escort take care of it.

4.Cash & Change

A professional escort will always have cash and change on her. Self-employed escorts are the ones to decide whether or how much they will charge a client. As the agency does not have any knowledge of such arrangements made privately, the escort will likely have cash and change on her, as all possible payments will be made in cash and ahead of the date.


Aside from music, you can ask an escort to bring candles and set the right tone for your date, especially if spending it at a hotel room or another accommodation type. Candles are suited for romantics and those who enjoy mellower and more intimate dates, and escorts are happy to indulge at such request.

6.A Spare Outfit

Whether you ask your escort for dinner plus an overnight, or to attend a business event as your plus-one, take note that your escort will need to bring her spare outfit (nightwear included) so she can be dressed accordingly for any and all occasions.