4 Types of Entertainment Escorts Provide

Oftentimes, many potential clients will assume that an escort date is straightforward with its service. However, despite what you may have seen in the movies, an escort's service is quite rich in options. Communication, intimacy, sharing, enjoying life, and having fun – these are some of the pieces that belong to the escort service package. Escorts offer a widespread service that clients who want to experiment find alluring and beyond satisfying. So, instead of only looking one way, here are the ways to enjoy a VIP date with an escort.

1. On-site

One-on-one escort services are most clients' preference. This group of services includes all perks that bring a client and an escort physically together, on a proper date. As such, on-site services feature the GFE, outcalls, incalls, overnight stays, travel dates, and more. On-site dates are also followed by superb privacy and discretion, which makes the arrangement valid, trusted, and oh-so-daring.

2. Off-site

Although most clients prefer to meet their escorts in person, sometimes life gets in the way of dating. Clients who are too busy to actually meet an escort, and those who live abroad or travel often can always choose off-site services escorts offer. Such include phone calls and webcam dates, which are a thrill on its own. Even clients who want a change of pace enjoy booking virtual dates with escorts, as a way to expand their dating experience and see what else is on the table.

3. Couple services

Then, there is the kind of service that equally pleases men and their better halves. Couples who need to light the spark in the relationship all over again find an escort's company to be quite fulfilling. Couple escort dates dedicate equal time and attention to both partners. In the scenario, the escort is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure the couple she is meeting is getting all the joint fun and quality of service they wanted.

4. Double the services

Another triple threat service that escorts offer is two-girl experiences. In a two-girl fantasy date, the client gets to spend time with two escorts at once, usually done through an outcall or an incall. With two escorts by the client's side, boredom will be the last thing all three experience. Escort duos are quite intriguing as a concept and if you never found yourself on the right side of pleasure, this is how you do it.