Leah & Angel, 19 & 19

Ebony Teen Two Girl Fantasy

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Height5'8 & 5'3
Eye ColourBrown
Bust36DD & 34C
Dress Size10 & 8


Mon 1st
Tue 2nd
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Sun 7th


Note: We charge an additional £50 for an escort to visit couples.


Leah & Angel's Biography

Ebony Two Girl Fantasy Leeds Outcall Escorts Leah & Angel

This sexually arousing Ebony duo, composed of Leeds escort Leah and Angel has partnered up to make you feel truly special. There is no going wrong with these two gems- escorts Leah and Angel have their mysterious ways around a man, and apparently a woman. The more the merrier is these girls' motto, which is exactly why you will be able to treat yourself with a night packed with fun, surprises and an undeniable chemistry. This ebony, youth partnership will make you think of passion like you haven't ever before, and we can certainly guarantee an all-night spectacle with these two.

Gifted and packed with never-ending curves, both Leah and Angel will open up the doors towards the exciting, unknown and oh-so-sensual lifestyle. These 5'8 & 5'3 dolls are not afraid to get down and dirty with you- all you have to do it say ‘yes.'

Making a show of their carnal instinct and basic needs to satisfy, these two diamonds in the rocks are one step closer to giving you the thrill of a lifetime. Despite their young age, these girls are aware of what it takes to give a client exactly what he needs, therefore you are already good to go! Now, it is up to you to let go over everything that is holding you back.

Full-breasted and ready for action, this brown sugar team is ready to roll whenever you are.

Although new to the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency, 19-year old Leah and Angel are the teenage dream you have been searching for. Available to indulge you in any way possible, these little miracle workers do not shy away from giving you the treatment you desire.

Parading their imposing figures and offer you their full and inviting lips, these ‘troublemakers' can make you get away with almost anything. Do not get overwhelmed, because these Leeds escort beauties know how to make you feel at ease. Talkative, fun, relaxed and down-to-earth, both Leah and Angel will take you on a pure roller coaster of emotions.

Clients faithful to our services have left impressed by Leah and Angel, commenting this ebony duo is just what the doctor ordered. Are you feeling lonely, ready for action or creative? Allow these teens to remind you of what it felt like being relaxed and fulfilled!

This exquisite two-in-one package will come knocking on your door, promising a bombastic atmosphere and moments you will be talking about for days. Raise your spirits right by inviting these two gorgeous souls into your life, and express your deepest desires by taking your time with Leah and Angel. What is more, they cannot wait for your call!

Getting in touch with the Leeds and Yorkshire Escort Agency

At the Leeds and Yorkshire Escort Agency, we aim to please every customer and client knocking at our doors. With the simplest of phone calls, you can arrange a night of magic, or even an out-of-town trip packed with thrill.

Aside from this, you get a maximum discretion and a full support system waiting to meet your every need and desire. Our escort girls are waiting for you to think of an arrangement and get things into motion. Each of the sexy ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency is prepared to pack their bags and follow you on a weekend trip or keep you company during an event. If you are the private type and wish to keep your private affairs within the comfort of your hotel room, our receptionists and girls will be prepared to meet you halfway.