FAQ - Leeds Escorts

Q. How to begin the booking process at the Leeds VIP escort agency? 
When you select to best suit your needs, give the Leeds escort agency a call and get the booking process started. To make the date official, we will need to obtain various information from you. 

Q. Which information should I provide the Leeds VIP agency with?
For outcalls, you will need to provide your phone number, your hotel's information, the time and date of your meeting as well as your full name. For home bookings, our agency will ask you for your full name, your contact number, and the details for your date. In case you have made a pre-booking, please contact the Leeds agency once more to let us know the specifics of your date. 

Q. What if I or my date decide to cancel the date?
If you decide to cancel the date, all you need to do is let the Leeds escort agency know in advance. In case your date cancels the date, it is most often due to health reasons. You will be informed of the cancellation ahead of time and will be offered another date as a replacement. 

Q. Is booking a date at the Leeds escort agency illegal? Is there a law violation of some sort? 
No. The Leeds escort agency works only with adult escorts, meaning you won't be violating any laws. Furthermore, you can feel free to ask for necessary proof of age from any of our escorts. To pay for someone to keep you company is totally legal, while the details of your date can be agreed by you and your date individually. 

Q. How to pay for a booking at the Leeds escort agency?
While we offer various payment options, the most common one is you paying your date at your home or hotel of your meeting. Please be aware that our escorts are instructed to count their money before the date proceeds, so please have an understanding of the situation.
Q. What does the Leeds privacy policy include?
As a professional escort agency, we offer full discretion during your date. All our escorts are reliable and trustworthy, keeping your privacy intact. The reason we ask you for personal information is to make sure all our dates are safe. 

Q. Can I book an extra date at the Leeds escort agency?
Sure! We offer various packages and deals, so make sure you contact the Leeds agency to learn more about our double dates. Also, make sure to visit the Leeds escort agency web page and see which duos we have available for a booking.

Q. Are there any other rules at the Leeds escort agency?
It is essential you know that you first need to meet your date at the given hotel, so the payment is confirmed. Also, know that negotiating the price with our escorts is strictly forbidden.