7 Things to Do Right After Having Sex!

As important as preparation for sex and having sex is, so is everything you do after. Sex is a through-and-through and experience of the body and mind and keeping yourself happy and healthy matters in every aspect of it.

From maintaining physical intimacy to maintaining your overall wellbeing, here are 7 things you should do right after sex. 

1. Hit the Shower After Having Sex!

A nice hot (or cold!) shower can do your body and mind a favor after sex. Showering is a soothing tool that helps you relax after a hot session in bed, and it is also great for hygiene and cleansing. You can do showering as a sexual post-play or you can go solo- either way, a splash of water will do you justice.

2. Breathable Underwear!

Of course, wearing your fancy underwear before sex is your way of gearing up. But, when all is said and done, putting breathable underwear on will be heaven-sent. Cotton underwear, for instance, allows the genitals to breathe, thus preventing skin irritation, sweating, or hypersensitivity. 

3. Cuddles After Having Sex!

Giving your partner or date a good cuddling session after sex will help preserve the intimacy you had moments ago. You don’t have to sleep over to engage in some pillow talk, and sometimes, even a few minutes of quality time can be great for bonding.

4. Drink Water!

To make sure you are hydrated after a good sweat, have a glass or two of water after. A solid performance in bed will likely leave you tired and drained, so we recommend you drink at least 300ml of water to make up for your lost energy.

5. After Having Sex Snacks!

Again, if the sex was so hot you cannot move a muscle, you can restore your energy by eating a snack. You can have a banana which is a great source of magnesium, which balances your energy. If you are a fan of liquids, a cup of green tea will replenish and revive you in no time.

6. Compliments!

It doesn’t matter who you just shared your bed with – giving compliments is always such a gentleman trait to nurture. As your levels of oxytocin are still high after just having sex, compliments will only help boost your experience and enjoyment. 

7. After Having Sex Deep Talks!

Talking after sex doesn’t have to be emotional or meaningful. Instead of dreading a talk after it, try relaxing with your partner and date and give yourself the chance to laugh together and share your mutual satisfaction.

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