Alternative Xmas Jumper?

Here's a novel idea as an alternative to the usual Xmas jumper! This great Rudolph the red nosed reindeer nipple pasty! Surely this has to be the ultimate fashion accessory for those who are just fed up with the more traditional Christmas jumper.

Our Escorts in Leeds just loved this idea! Of course it might not be appropriate on every occasion and you might risk a few people laughing and pointing if you wear it to the Christmas part, but hey, what's Christmas for if not for having a little fun?

Don't think that this idea is only for the girls either. If you're a guy with a hairy chest it would work just as well, maybe even better! The Rudolph look is available to buy on esty and comes complete with adhesive tape, eyes, antlers, and shiny nipple pasty all for just £17.19. Unfortunately the shirt doesn’t come with it but making your own is easy. Just cut the shoulder off a tight, but stretchy tank top and fold it in place with either garment tape or safety pins. Simple! And most of all have fun!

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