Women Need More Sleep

It's a common idea that men need more sleep than women, but not so it would seem. Recent research carried out at Loughborough University's Sleep Centre has found that actually it's the other way around. Women need more sleep than men and not getting enough can cause health problems.

Professor Jim Horne has found that poor sleep in women causes high levels of psychological distress, depression and anger. Whereas in men, such feelings are not associated with the same level of sleep disruption. The professor went on to explain that women's brains are more complex than men's – well most men would probably agree with that! ‘Women’s brains are wired differently from men’s and are more complex, so their sleep need will be slightly greater,’ he said.

It seems that women are more likely to multi-task, doing lots of different things at once, so they use more of their actual brain power. It's this multi-tasking that means they need more sleep. We spoke to the ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency to ask them it they thought it was true, then did need more sleep than men. What was the response we got? 'Ask me later, I'm going back to bed!

are, of course, exceptions. A man who is doing a complex job that involves a lot of lateral thinking and decision making may also need more sleep than that average male.

We are supposed to need 8 hours sleep a night, but really there's not 'right' amount that can be applied universally. Some people can happily get by with as little as 5 hours a night, while others need more than 8 hours. The average seems to be around 7 hours.

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