Naked Women Or Wolf?

Believe it or not there are three real live naked women in this picture. Can you spot them? We have to admit that it took us a while and to be honest for a long time our Leeds Escorts could only see two. In fact we had to cheat a bit!

This optical illusion is a stunning piece of modern art created by the very talented Johannes Stoetter. Johannes specialises in body painting and in this incredible image he uses three naked women to create a sitting wolf. It took eight hours of work to create the piece but that was after days of Johanne sketching and working with the women to get the pose just right.

You need to look closely to find the women. One woman forms the belly and back leg, another creates the tail and back and the third, which was the one we had so much trouble trying to find, is the nose, neck and bottom jaw. Clever use of elbows and hands transforms these naked women into something quite amazing.

‘Generally everybody likes it. People are fascinated and they say that it is even more difficult to find the people than in my other works,' said Johannes. We think he's being very modest – this man has real talent!

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