Winter Solstice

Today is traditionally the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. But this year instead of 21st December, the Winter Solstice falls on 22nd December. Why? For the same reason that we have leap years. It takes 365.25 days for the earth to orbit the sun, so every year the solstice happens about 6 hours later, meaning that in 4 years it gets pushed back a whole day.

If you live in London, the sun will rise tomorrow at 8.04 am and set at 3.45 pm. Here in Leeds the sun will rise at 8.22 am and set at 3.46 pm. And the further north you go, the shorter the day will be. In Reykavik, Iceland, sunrise is at 11.23 am and sunset at 3.30 pm!

Our Leeds Escorts are glad though that they don't live in the Alaskan town of Barrow. The sun set there in mid-November and won't rise again until the end of January! Tomorrow there will be just a few hours of twilight as the sun will still be below the horizon.

The good news is that by New Year's Eve the days will be noticeably longer, with the sun setting around 4 pm. If you're fed up with the dark nights, why not give us as call and get together with one of our stunning escorts? That's sure to brighten your day!

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