Weather Presenter Flashes Breasts

A weather presented accidentally flashed her breasts during a live broadcast, giving viewers an unexpected treat!

Roxana Vancea, a Romanian weather forecaster, for some unexplained reason, started doing star jumps during her broadcast. Apparently to illustrate the fact that the weather was going to be nice and people might want to get out and get some exercise. We don't quite see it, but never mind!

Whilst the ladies at our Leeds Escort Agency didn't quite get the 'why' they did all agree that Roxana has a great body! Maybe she just wanted to show it off! During her jumping up and down Roxana's low cut top and bra couldn't quite cope and slipped down leaving the presenter, presenting a little more than intended!

The clip has been viewed millions of times and we're pretty sure it's not because everyone wants to know what the weather's going to be like!

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