Sexy In The Bath

Guys, if you thought that women liked taking a bath because they liked to relax in the warm water or because it was some 'me time', think again! It turns out that for some ladies taking a bath has a whole different meaning and it's actually a very sexy activity!

As some of our Leeds Escorts can confirm, bath time can be a time to indulge yourself in some naughty pleasure, using the flowing water from the tap. There are a few problems with that though. Getting yourself in just the right position can be a bit tricky. A brand new sex toy, called The Waterslyde, is about to revolutionise this simple pleasure!

The pink plastic 'water diverter' is tied on to your bath taps and effectively diverts the flow of water on to. well, the very bits you want to stimulate! The website explains: The water flow is easily directed to the midline of the bathtub, allowing a woman to comfortably position herself in the tub such that the water falls directly to where it counts. Sounds like sexy fun to us!

It seems that bath time has just got a whole lot dirtier!

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