Another Virginity Auction?

It seems that, for women, one of the easiest ways to raise money is to auction your virginity! The latest to give this a go is 20 year-old Ariana. A young lady from Russia who is auctioning her virginity on an escort site. So we felt that as a Leeds Escort Agency we had to look into this one.

Bidding started at £130,500 and Ariana is hoping to raise enough money to cover the cost of her studies in medicine abroad. ' The university will be very expensive; the rent will also be high' said Ariana. Her motivation is to get the financial pressure out of the way so that she can concentrate on her studies. She doesn't say which country she's hoping to study in.

Ariana's parents have no idea what she is doing in order to finance her medical studies and her new life abroad, but she says she'll have no trouble talking to them about it when they do eventually find out! Good luck with that one Ariana!

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