Why You Shouldn't Overdose on Viagra.

We've all been there. You're a little bit drunk, having a laugh with your mates one minute and swallowing 35 Viagra pills the next. Or maybe not. Necking 35 Viagra pills didn't turn out to be the 'laugh' that one man from East Yorkshire thought it would be!

After taking the 35 pills, builder Daniel Medforth had a five-day erection! Daniel took the pills over the course of an hour, 'for a laugh' while on a Bank Holiday bender. The 36-year-old said I ended up feeling sick, dizzy and hallucinating everything I saw was green. And I had a massive erection that would not go away.�

Eventually, Daniel had to confess to his wife how called an ambulance. Our Leeds Escorts just couldn't stop laughing at this one! It seems they were not alone. Daniel said the medics were very professional, but "you could see they were trying not to laugh".

"The doctors and nurses told me off," said Daniel. We're not entirely surprised. You were, after all, wasting their time!

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