A Great Valentine's Gift?

It seems that we've barely got over the Christmas shopping when Valentine's Day is already looming large. So just what do you buy your partner as a gift for Valentine's this year? Tesco have got an idea!

No one is quite sure what Tesco's intention was when they put the 'Ideal For Valentine's' sign under the cans of spray cream. But there is was, large as life. Of course they might have just been suggesting you use it as part of a romantic meal for two, but we've got a sneaky feeling Tesco had other things in mind!

So guys, forget the roses and the chocolates, just go for the spray cream! At around a £1 it's cheap enough and can provide a whole load of fun in the bedroom! Our Leeds Escorts certainly thought of a few uses for the cream, apart from using it on dessert that is!

If the spray cream isn’t for you, or your lover, don't worry, over the next couple of weeks we'll have plenty of suggestions as to how you can win the affections of the lady in your life and spice things up in the bedroom at the same time. Keep reading our blogs!

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