Valentine's Day Is Coming!

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand, you're probably aware that it's Valentine's Day this coming Sunday. A chance to get up close and personal with the one you've got your eye on or are you going to find yourself on your own this year?

Like a lot of holidays or special days, Valentine's Day can be absolutely wonderful or really depressing! Our Leeds ladies reckon it comes a close second to Christmas for making you feel down if you find yourself on your own when all your friends are all loved up. Of course, if you live in Leeds or around about, you can always book one of our lovely Leeds escorts. We guarantee they will make you feel ultra-special! And don't forget, you can book for an hour or all day if you want to!

If you've got a special someone in mind it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right way of celebrating together or finding an appropriate gift. Traditionally 24 red roses are the answer, perhaps coupled with a great box of chocolates. Our ladies reckon that's still their favourite Valentine's gift. Unless you really want to push the boat out! Weekend breaks are popular and you've still got time to book if you're quick. In fact you might pick up a real bargain. A romantic meal at a top restaurant might set you back more than you think on the day, or Saturday night as many will have a special menu. It all depend really on if you want to be sharing Valentine's Day with a room full of other people or if you would prefer to spend in 'à deux'.

There are some fantastic ways to enjoy the day without shelling out a fortune. Buy some good massage oils and a few scented candles and set the scene. Make sure the room is warm enough and that you've got some soft, fluffy towels so that you don't get massage oil all over the duvet! Run your partner a warm bubble bath, light the bathroom with candles and take her a glass of her favourite wine while she relaxes. Dry her off gently, (and sensuously!) before retiring to the bedroom for the massage experience. if you're lucky she'll return the favour and give you a great massage too….. and we all know where that can lead!

Just don't forget the roses and chocolates (and a stunning card too!)

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