Whoa! Check Out This Vagina Weightlifter!

Is this just taking pelvic floor exercises a step too far? Kim Anami is a life and sex coach, but she's better known for being able to lift heavy object with her vagina. Yes, you read that right, with her vagina!

Kim can pick up bananas, doughnuts and surfboards with her 'lady bits'. Just take a look at the picture here and you'll see what we mean! She recently embarked on a world tour and is lifting objects that represent the countries she visits – yeah, you guessed it – with her vagina!

Now, our gorgeous Leeds Escorts are pretty fit, but none of them even wanted to give this a try! If you want to know more about Kim's achievements, you can check it out by following her on Instagram under the hashtag #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina.

Kim attaches the objects to a jade egg, which she inserts in her vagina. To date her photos show her lifting items from bananas to surfboards – yes – surfboards. "I want every woman to know that she, too, can shoot ping pong balls from her vagina," said Kim. You've simply got to see it to believe it!

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