Breakfast Vagina Blunder

It had viewers choking on their cornflakes when, at 6.46 am, the BBC accidentally broadcast pictures of a woman's vagina. How did it happen? Well, it was all connected to the female Yorkshire rowers who went on the show to talk about their record-breaking Atlantic trip.

It appears that the women had decided to ditch their clothes during the rowing feat and row naked in the boat. They're reasoning behind this was that their clothes were wet all the time and drying them off became a pointless exercise as they only got wet again. So it was easier to row naked. Makes sense to us. But how did the BBC come to broadcast their nakedness? They were just too engrossed in the interview it would seem!

Our Leeds Escorts think the ladies achieved an amazing feat and are full of admiration for them. The ladies set a Guinness World Record as the oldest all-female crew to cross an ocean. The women arrived in English Harbour, Antigua on February 25. It took them 67 day and 5 hours to get there after leaving the Canary Islands.

After viewers noticed the slip, the BBC were quick to edit the clip so that it wasn’t repeatedly broadcast on the breakfast show.

Naked or not ladies, we think you're incredible!

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