Vagina Beer Anyone?

With a new year come new inventions and some of them seem set to fly while others take a bit of getting used to and yet others are doomed to fail. So which way is it going to go for the latest invention – Vagina Beer?

Of course, to call it vagina beer is going a bit far, since it is only the vaginal bacteria that are used in the making of the beer. At this point our Leeds Escorts were turning a little green!

The beer is the idea of a start-up business called The Order Of Yoni. Its makers say that 'Bottled Instinct' 'captures the essence of femininity'. Not just any old femininity either. The beer is made using the vaginal bacteria of Czech model, Alexandra Brendlova.

So how do they do it? Well they collect the bacteria using a gynaecology stick. This is then sent to a laboratory where the lactic acid bacteria are isolated, cleaned and then multiplied. The bacteria is then used to create the beer along with water, malt, hops, wooden chips and yeast. The beer doesn't smell of vagina, simply put the makers say it has been flavoured with 'instincts'.

Great business idea or total flop? The Order of Yoni are raising funds on the crowd funding site Indiegogo. Whether this is a serious attempt at creating a new beer or just using sex to try and market a new product, who knows! The Order of Yoni state that any woman wanting to offer up their vaginal bacteria for beer making will have to sign a contract ‘with high penalty for working in adult industry, sex industry, as adult actress, escort, prostitute, etc.’ Obviously if you've done any of those things your bacteria just aren't good enough. It was at this point our Leeds girls got VERY upset! They rather think this is just a cynical business ploy based around selling sex in a bottle!

Oh, and if you donate enough money, The Order of Yoni will make you a beer using your girlfriends vaginal bacteria. Tempted? Check with your girlfriend first!

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