Underwear Pictures?

This really gave our Leeds Escorts a good laugh! A man who asked his wife to send him some 'underwear pictures' go more than he bargained for when the pictures turned up on his phone!

It's clear his wife had a sense of humour when, instead of the sexy photos he was expecting, she sent him a photo of their dog. But not just any old pictures. She had dressed the dog in a pair of red lacy knickers!

We have to admit that the dog, which appears to be a grey pointer, seems to have an affinity with the camera. The photos soon spread around the internet giving rise to some very amusing comments. 'The head turn, the back bend... Definitely not this dog's first underwear pose.' Said one Reddit user.

The man in who had asked for the underwear photos was Reddit user MWolverine. 'I asked her (his wife) for underwear pictures and this is what I got in return.' No doubt, he wishes he'd been a bit more specific!

The image was uploaded to subreddit channel r/aww. It's where social media users can upload funny pictures of their pets. It certainly sparked people's interest and a host of amusing comments followed.

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