OMG. A Twerking Machine!

Online sex toy retailers, LoveHoney, who we often mention in our blogs, have started selling a twerking bum, vagina and anal sex machine that might just be the most realistic ever. We have to say though, our Leeds ladies found it rather off-putting!

Made by CyberSkin, the machine pulses at six different speeds to help men experience the real feel of a woman tensing and clenching around their penis. What's more the twerking bum comes with a hands-free virtual reality set, so you can watch videos while you, er, get the full experience.

Technology it seems, knows no bounds. Whilst this is not the first twerking robot on the market, it is different because it has two internal canals that are heated! OMG whatever next. Will we be giving up on the real thing if we can have such a 'real' experience.

Retailers, LoveHoney, tempt prospective purchases to enjoy the 'six intense massage speeds to experience the real feel of a woman'.

On sale for about £500, it's not a cheap bit of kit. But can it ever take the place of real human interaction?

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