Topless Speeding?

According to international research Russia's roads are amongst the most dangerous in the world, with over 30,000 deaths a year. Now one village in the country has decided to try and do something about it.

Our Leeds Escorts thought that using topless models was a novel way to try and get drivers to slow down, but did wonder that the naked ladies didn’t cause more accidents rather than less!

Standing by the side of the road at a notorious black spot in the Russian village, the girls were carrying 60km and 40km speed limit signs, and not much else! The village police hope that the girls will raise awareness – about the speed limit, obviously!

The idea isn’t entirely new and first came to light about 3 years ago, but the village has revived the concept. A spokesman commented that most speeding drivers happen to be men, and they did slow down to admire the female 'road safety assistants'.

We weren't surprised that the drivers slowed down to look at the topless women, but we did wonder if the also noticed the speed limit signs! Seems they did. One driver said ‘It’s super thing, amazing. I’d like to see more of this by the road, and yes I looked at speed limit sign this time. It will teach other drivers too.’

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