Thought Provoking Toilet Sign

We live in a diverse society and in the UK we're pretty accepting of that. However, in some parts of the United States people are a bit more conservative. One supermarket in North Carolina has decided to fight back against a law that prevents transgender people using a restroom that matches the gender they identify with rather than the one they were born with.

The ButKroger supermarket in Athens, Georgia, is trying to gain acceptance for the LGBT community and have started by introducing a unisex toilet in their shop. But it's the sign that has hit the headlines with its thought provoking message. Our Leeds Escorts thought it was a great sign that really hit the spot. It's not just about the LGBT community but takes into account all the difficult situations people can find themselves in when they need to use a public toilet.

The sign reads:

"We have a UNISEX bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations. And since we have a lot of our friends coming to see us, we want to provide a place for our friends who are: • Dads with daughters • Moms with sons • Parents with disabled children • Those in the LGBTQ community • Adults with aging parents who may be mentally or physically disabled THANK YOU for helping us provide a safe environment for everyone!"

Although the sign has been used before, this time it really hit the headlines after being posted online by customer Tonya Owens. The post has already received over 58,000 likes and 88,000 shares.

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