Thirty-Nine Is The Age To Cheat!

We love researchers here at our Leeds Escort Agency. They always give us so much to talk about and argue over! This latest bit of research shows that you're most likely to cheat on your partner when you're 39 years old. Anyone got a birthday coming up?

What the research actually found was that people are most likely to cheat in the last year of a decade. So 19, 29, 39, 49 etc. They believe it's because these birthdays are seen as 'watershed' moments in a person's life. And the biggest offender is 39. Turning a decade inevitably makes you think about what you've achieved over the last 9 years and it seems the most dangerous age is 39. This may be because on top of the usual worries, there's the additional worry that you're getting old and wrinkly! So what do we do? We look for a bit of fresh excitement.

The research was carried out by Illicit Encounters, who surveyed 1000 people and then looked for patterns in their cheating. Thirty-three percent of people admitted to cheating at age 39, and it seems it's just about the same or men and women. They concluded that many people go looking for affairs due to lack of excitement in the bedroom, 76% in fact, with 50% saying they were bored with their current partner. Some people do it in order to gain their partner's attention, well if they find out it'll certainly do that!

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