Women Think About Sex Too!

It's often been said that men think about sex about every seven seconds, but is that true and what about women? How often do they think about sex? Well now a recent study carried out in the US has come up with a more definitive answer!

Researchers asked 283 students, aged between 18-25, to keep a record of how often they thought about the most important thing in life. This included food, sleep, and sex. The students were supplied with one of those 'clickers' to keep count of how many time a dirty thought passed through their heads.

It didn't particularly surprise our Leeds Escorts that the study showed men think about sex more often than women, but it was nowhere near the much purported 'every 7 seconds'. In fact it turned out to be around 34 times a day – given that we probably sleep for about 8 hours a day that's roughly around twice an hour.

What was interesting was that women weren't that far behind! They thought about sex around 18 times a day – ok so about half as much, but probably much more than most people thought. The study also found the guys thought far more than women about their other basic needs, such as food and sleep. During a normal day men thought about food on 25 occasions and sleep a huge 29 times. Women on the other hand only thought about food 15 times a day and sleep only 13 times.

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