Tele What?

We have to be honest and say that our Leeds Escorts hadn't ever heard of Teledildonics until today. But there were certainly interested when they found out what it meant! It's an app that logs your orgasms and turns your mobile phone into a vibrator!

The question 'did you have an orgasm today' might sound rather impertinent, but it's exactly what your smartphone could be asking you! And it could all be just part of your routine health monitoring. Your smartphone can already tell you how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've consumed and about the quality if your sleep. So perhaps it's not surprising that there's now a app to monitor your sex life.

One of the purposes of the app is to help you have more and better orgasms by using algorithmic analysis. At any rate, that's the claim of Ohmibod, the app that lets you log and track your orgasms. It might help by tracking the time of day you're most likely to climax quicker for example. The app actually launched in 2013, but its just been updated with the orgasm tracker.

Called your O-zone and you can even get bar charts and graphs!

Studies have shown that orgasms can help you sleep better, regulate your appetite and even improve your complexion. The idea is that users can look at their data and make relationships between how sexually active they have been and other factors, such as their mood.

The app can't actually tell if you've had an orgasm, you do have to tell it yourself!

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