Swingers Party

Sex is not the taboo subject it used to be. Neither it would seem are Swingers. Have you ever wondered what a Swingers party is like? Do you still think of them as being somewhere where everyone throws their car keys into a bowl? As our Leeds Escorts discovered when they did a bit of (purely on line) research, it's not like that anymore! So here's the low down on all you need to know!

Once upon a time people talked in hushed voices about Swingers and only the very sexually adventurous were considered to be taking part. And whilst the care keys in the bowl was a factor in some Swingers parties in the 70s, it's a different story now. All sorts of people get involved and the party atmosphere is part of the reason.

We're going to take away the mystery so that if you fancy giving it a try, you'll be familiar with the protocol!

Car keys and bowls generally do not feature at a swingers party. There may well be some games to start, but car keys don't feature.

Protection is essential. No condoms, no sex.

Swingers are not all beautiful people. They're people just like you. They are there to have fun and are just ordinary, though open-minded, people who are curious.

There is a code of conduct. Don't pursue someone who is obviously not interested. No still means no.

Get yourself some decent underwear!

Single men are rarely invited. Couples arrive as a couple and leave as a couple.

The sex doesn’t usually start straight away. There's time to relax and get to know each other and generally socialise.

It’s about everyone having some naughty fun. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously!

Take a bottle. It's the least you can do when someone has invited you to a party!

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