Man Gets Stuck In Toilet

Some of our Leeds Escorts laughed until the tears rolled down when they read this story. A well-meaning man got stuck in a public toilet trying to help a friend retrieve this mobile phone!

The hilarious incident happened in Drammen in Norway. Cato Bernsten Larsen climbed feet first into the public toilet after his friend dropped his phone down the loo. The problem was that the 20-year-old Cato got stuck and couldn't get out again!

The old-fashioned outhouse type toilet isn't connected to the local sewer system and is only emptied once a season. As you can probably imagine, after climbing into the toilet, Cato found himself knee-deep in s**t. 'There were animals down there too.' Cato told a Norwegian newspaper. Our girls couldn't stop laughing!

Unfortunately, Cato was so disgusted at finding himself stuck in all the poo, that he then vomited, making a bad situation even worse. Poor Cato spent around an hour standing knee deep in urine, faeces and his own vomit before he was rescued by firefighters. The toilet was completely destroyed in the process. Cato suffered minor injuries to his upper arms (presumably where someone had tried to pull him out?) and small animal bites! Ugh!

And to cap it all, he never did get the phone back not that you'd really want to use it again after it had been down there! We do hope his friend was suitably grateful for Cato's efforts though.

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