Stockplie Sleep

We've probably all done it. Our Leeds Escorts admit they have. You go out for an all-nighter and then the next day, you're totally wrecked. You're just so tired.

Now we've probably all heard about 'sleep debt', meaning that if you miss out on some sleep at some point you'll need to catch up, but now scientists believe that you can 'stockpile' sleep. Their suggestion is that if you grab some extra sleep before your all night rave, you'll be better able to cope the next day.

The research was done by scientists at the University of Calgary. They reckon that if you grab a couple of hours 'extra' sleep before the event, you'll avoid the after-effects of being up all night. Experts here in Britain disagree though.

The Canadian research recruited 12 young men who usually slept well and kept them awake for 38 hours. During this time they tested their brain function, physical strength and memory. The study then asked the group to repeat the experiment after going to bed two hours earlier for six nights before. They claim the results show that physical and mental performance was better when the men had 'banked' sleep in advance.

Here in Britain experts claimed the study was too small and that there was no scientific rationale behind the theory. Apparently the best way to combat a late night is to have a daytime nap of no more than 20 minutes.

We did a little experiment of our own. It didn't' work for us, mainly because we found we couldn't sleep an extra 2 hours every night for 6 days! We just weren't tired enough!

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