Steamy Adventure

There's nothing new about having a steamy adventure in your car. Most people have done it at some time. One minute you're just sitting there in your car and the next passion takes over and the windows steam up!

We had a quick poll in our Leeds Escort Agency office, and yes, we'd all been there at some time or other, with varying outcomes, usually something hilarious! But for this couple, it wasn't the gar stick or people peering in at the windows that caused them a problem. It was the sea!

After taking a romantic drive to the seafront at Cleethorps, their passion overtook them and so did the tide! At 2 am on Sunday morning they suddenly realised that the sliproad they used to get on to the beach had been cut off by the incoming tide. So they did the only thing they could, and drove to the only bit of the beach that wasn't under water!

They were spotted by Nick Cowdry on Sunday morning. Eventually some council workers turned up and the couple were rescued around 7 am. The car, a Vauxhall Astra, stayed stranded until around 9 am.

Mr Cowdry explained that he had been told the couple drove down to the beach around 2 am for a bit of nookie, but as the windows steamed up they didn't notice the rising water!

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