Wear Socks In Bed For Better Sex

We know all the jokes about guys who don't take their socks off to have sex, but here's some surprising news. If you like to keep your socks on, you just might be having better sex! This one really grabbed the attention of our Leeds Escorts.

Of course, it's now quite that simple! No one is really suggesting that you should keep on the socks you've been wearing all day, all night. They might just be a bit….smelly! But if you're the sort of person who like to slip on a comfy set of socks when you go to bed, you'll be pleased to know, it's good for you. Not only that, but it could improve your sex life too!

Now for the science. Warming up your feet makes your blood vessels dilate. When that happens, your brain gets a signal that it's time to sleep. So you might be wondering how, if you're sleepy, that improves your sex life.

A university in Holland, Groningen to be precise, conducted a study that showed when given socks to wear, 80% of couples were able to reach orgasm, compared to just 50% who were not wearing socks. We kind of assume that both of you have to be wearing socks though!

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