Share The Housework For More Sex

It perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise, given that housework can take up so much of our time, but couples who share the work enjoy more sex. At least that's according to the latest study due to be published in the Journal of Marriage and Family. It's not a new topic as the subject has come up before, so the study is really just confirming something we should already know.

Women still do the majority of the housework and not only does it take their time, it can be tiring too. No wonder you get less sex, they are just too tired! Seriously though, we asked our ladies at Leeds Escorts what they thought and they agreed. That wasn't just about the time and effort housework takes, it was about the togetherness.

One of the authors of the study, Sharon Sassler, said that there has been an 'international decline' in the amount of sex couples have in their relationships and that the only couples experiencing an increase are those who share the work equally. If one persona in the relationship does all the housework, or most of it, frequency of sex declines.

Now, before you dismiss this as not that relevant to you, just take a second to consider what you're missing out on. The study found that couples who share the chores have sex 6.8 times a month – which is one whole session more than those who don't.

So now you know. Share the chores and enjoy the sex! I'm off to find the duster!

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