Sex Toy Tester

A part-time carer who lives in Berkshire has been making a healthy extra income from testing sex toys! Beth Kenneh is a 32 year old single woman who says she doesn't have time for a boyfriend because she spends most nights testing out vibrators and other sex toys.

Beth started her own blog site, Naughty Corner, back in 2012 and now receives about 6,000 hits a week. She gets the sex toys for free and after trying them out, writes reviews. Her blog site has become so popular people now ask her for advice about their sex lives.

Beth makes her money from sponsorship and advertising. "I currently masturbate about five nights a week which is probably more orgasms a week than I would experience with a boyfriend," said Beth.

We thought it all looked like huge fun and our Leeds Escorts paid a visit to Beth's blog site. We were impressed with the information there and with Beth's professionally written reviews of the sex toys. If you want some advice on sex toys then why not pay a visit?

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