Sex Or A Sit Down?

Our Leeds Escorts were really fascinated by the title of this blog and couldn't wait to start making their own guesses! They came up with numbers like 10% or even 20%. It's one of those things, like how much of our life do we spend sleeping or working, but this time the subject of the research was sex.

One of the difficulties with this bit of research, conducted by Reebok, is that most of us probably haven’t got much of an idea about how long sex actually lasts. We might have a pretty good guess about how much time we spend cooking, or washing up or even pairing socks but, in the midst of all that passion, we're not exactly keeping our eye on the clock!

You might be tempted to think that, being as sex is one of the more fun things we do on a regular basis, we'd be spending a lot of time on it. But it turns out that's not the case. In fact, the average human spends less than 1% of their life getting it on. That sounds pretty miserable to us! In fact, the actual figure that Reebok came up with, was 0.45%! Oh no! what are we doing? How come one of the greatest pleasures of our lives is something we spend so little time doing? If we translate that percentage into days it comes out at 117 days; or about 4 months. Four months out of a whole lifetime!

The guys at Reebok studied more than 9,000 people who had all had sex, a variety of countries, such as the US, UK, Russia, Spain and Korea. So they had a good representative sample. The sad fact is that we spend a lot more time sitting down, around 7,709 days or 29.75%, than we do having sex. Now that's depressing. But, hey, why not turn that time sitting down watching TV (11 years) into something a bit more frisky? That'll bump up the numbers!

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