Sex For A Sandwich

It may sound like a bargain, but in reality sex-workers in Greece are really struggling. According to a new study, the austerity-ravaged Greek prostitutes can be found selling sex for the price of a sandwich.

Eastern Europe used to be the dominant group in the sex-worker industry, but now they'ver been overtaken by the Greeks. A team from Pateion university in Athens collected data on more than 17,000 sex-workers in Greece and found that sex in the country was some of the cheapest on offer in Europe.

Our Leeds ladies were shocked to hear that some women in Greece are so poor they sell sex because they're hungry and just want something to eat. Some do it to pay bills or taxes.

The fee for a prostitute in Greece has fallen from around 50 Euros for half an hour to as little as 2 Euros. Even more alarming perhaps is the fact that the number of young women working in the se industry is rising.

Prostitution is legal in Greece. Since the financial troubles began the number of sex-workers has increased to around 18,500. Despite being legal, there are few licenced brothels in Greece with most women plying their trade on the street.

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