Sex Mad Tortoise!

Here's a story that should bring a smile to your face. Poor Bert, and African Spurred Tortoise, has got arthritis. But we don't suppose Bert is that worried, since his problem has been caused by having too much sex! This was definitely one story that the girls at our Leeds Escort Agency had a giggle over!

Bert the tortoise now has to have a set of wheels to help him get around. The 22-year-old developed swollen rear legs after participating in a breeding programme. The two month sex session had Bert mating with 5 females and producing an unknown number of little tortoises!

Bert currently lives at the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norfolk. 'African spurred tortoises are prolific breeders who can produce up to 60 to 70 offspring a year,' said Martin Hocking, acting manager at the park's Secret Animal Garden.

It's hoped that the wheels are temporary as at 22, Bert is still a spring chicken (and clearly has the libido to prove it!). African Spurred Tortoises have an average life expectancy of 60. We hope Bert gets better soon and can start having some fun again!

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