3D Sex Education

We Brits have never been entirely comfortable with sex education. Depending on your age, what type of sex education you got at school will vary hugely. When we did a quick poll in our Leeds Escort Agency office we got a whole range of responses, from simply watching a rather unhelpful video to being given a plastic cock and having to try unrolling condoms over it!

In France, though, they are taking a more 21st century approach with the use of a giant 3D printed clitoris! Sociomedical research, Odile Fillod, who is based in Paris, wanted to teach children more about the clitoris. It came as a surprise to us to learn that the clitoris is actually longer than the average penis, just that most of it is internal. Who would have known?

Fillod came up with the idea of the 3d clitoris while she was making a sex education video and realised that the clitoris is never presented correctly in school text books. ‘It’s important that women have a mental image of what is actually happening in their body when they’re stimulated,’ said Fillod. Fair enough. After all, if neither men or women understand the female body and how to stimulate it, what hope have we got? Maybe there's a case for mass production of the 3D clitoris and giving us all one! They'll be used in French Schools from September.