It's Official. There's No Such Thing As A Sex Drive

Ok we can all stop worrying. There is no such thing as a sex drive. So don't worry about your lack of one! According to sex educator, Emily Nagoski: 'A drive is a motivational system to deal with life-or-death issues, like hunger or being too cold. You’re not going to die if you don’t have sex.’ Well, that's what she said!

Our Leeds Escorts don't entirely agree with Emily though. Some of them certainly wouldn't feel alive if they weren't having sex! Maybe you feel the same?

According to Emily there are two different types of desire. There's spontaneous and responsive. The idea of a 'sex drive' is based on the assumption that a spontaneous desire for sex is the norm. But it would seem that isn't necessarily so. Whilst she did admit that around 70% of men experience spontaneous desire, the figure is only 10% to 20% for women. Ah. So what she really means is, men have a sex drive and women much less so?

We're not convinced that Emily has really made her point!

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