Sex With A Drain!

Touch is a tortoise. She's thought to be 100 years old, but it's clear she's still got what it takes, even if her eyesight isn't that good!

When Touch made her great escape from her home in Fresno, California her owners were frantic with worry. A gardener had apparently left the front gate open, and it was just too tempting for the lively old lady!

And Touch's escape was pretty impressive. She travelled more than six and half miles in a day according to her owner, Nancy Knauss. Unfortunately for Touch when she was found it was certainly ' in flagrante delicto'! (Caught in the act for those of you whose Latin isn't great!)

The only problem was that she had mistaken a drain cover for another tortoise. To be fair, there was some similarity between the domed drain cover and another tortoise, and perhaps at 100 her eyesight isn't that great! Her owner thinks she may have 'fallen in love'.

All we can say is we hope we're still at it at 100! Well done Touch!

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