Sex Doll Scares Thieves!

Here at Leeds Escorts VIP we do love a good laugh. And this story really made us chuckle. Thieves who broke into an art shop left almost as soon as they got there because they were scared off by the owners 6 foot tall sex doll!

Derek Thompson, 42, is a caricaturist who owns an art shop. He also owns 'Shela Lousie'. A tall, blonde sex doll who sits on this sofa. Derek bought the doll last year to post next to his artwork and hopefully attract customers into his shop.

It's his belief that Shela Louise helped deter the burglars, who did steal 1,000 before they left. Derek, and his assistant Paul, both think her lifelike qualities probably freaked the thieves out and they left in a hurry!

We're not entirely convinced, but Shela does look pretty good! It seems the doll is popular with customers, which Derek attributes to the fact that she looks like the stereotypical perfect girlfriend. Blonde, tall and always glamourous.

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