Safe Summer Sex

The sun's been shinning and the weather's been warm and many of us are turning our thoughts to our annual holiday. For many singles, or those travelling without a partner, a holiday abroad is often about some holiday sex! But are we having safe summer sex?

It would seem that, according to some studies published in the British Medical Journal, that more of us are having unsafe sex when we go abroad. And that's not good news. And our Leeds Escorts were surprised to learn that the Brits and the Swedes are the most likely within Europe not to use condoms when having a holiday romance.

The BMJ study was carried out between 2010 and 2012 found that about 72% of British men had slept with at least one stranger while travelling abroad. A second study looked at backpackers in Thailand and discovered that are 37% of them either didn’t use condoms or used them inconsistently.

By all means have some fun when you're on holiday, but don't bring back more than a suntan! Pack those condoms and remember to cover up!

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