Safe Sex Toys

If you've ever been worried about how 'safe' your sex toys are you can stop worrying! A bit of research has been done in Sweden that's found sex toys are cleaner and safer than kids toys. Really? That came as quite a shock to our Leeds Escorts .

What the study actually found was that sex toys contained fewer banned chemical substances, for example lead, than children's toys. Now, whilst that is great news for your sex life, we were a little concerned by this research. The Swedish study found that only 2% of sex toys imported into the country contained banned chemicals as opposed to 15% of kids toys. But they seemed to just shrug off the fact that so many kids toys contained banned chemicals. The report put this down to kids toys being made by smaller companies without the ability to avoid using specific chemicals. What's not clear is what the Swedes intend to do about the 'unsafe' kids toys!

There's a conclusion we could draw here, but it's probably not a good idea!

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