Safe Sex Is Hard Work.

The female body is a mystical machine. And let's be honest, most men don't really understand it! Whether it's multiple orgasm or the mysteries of female ejaculation, you probably haven’t given it much thought.

When it comes to having safe sex, women have a tough time of it. For a man it's either about wearing a condom or trusting your partner is on the pill to avoid unwanted pregnancy. End of story. For women though, it's so much more complicated.

So in an attempt to help men understand and appreciate women, Facts have set about educating men. They got a group of men in a room and asked them to talk through an array of female contraceptives. It didn 't come as much of a surprise to the girls in our Leeds Escort Agency Office that most men didn't have a clue about the majority options and found it difficult to explain how they worked. They did generally figure them out in the end though. Except for the female condom, obviously!

If you want to see what happened, check out the video:

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