Robots Better In Bed!

You probably now that sex dolls and robots are getting better and better. At least you will if you read our Leeds Escort Agency blog on a regular basis as we've often reported on the latest sex dolls and robots.

Personally we've found some of the new robot sex dolls a bit scary! However, it seems that experts are sticking their necks out and claiming that sex with robots will become widespread within a couple of decades. And they reckon they could be better in bed than any human partner. Really?

We're not sure that sex with a lifeless, plastic doll is really what we want. However realistic it may appear.

A robotics expert from Kirkwood College in Iowa believes his own hype. 'Because they would be programmable, sexbots would meet each individual user’s needs,' said Joel Snell. He believes that sex with robots could become addictive because they would always be available and willing. He even goes so far as to suggest that some people may fall in love with their robot. Other have imagined brothels offering sex robots who can meet a range of tastes and will come in a variety of body shapes, ages, languages and even human robot marriages.

We're not convinced. While sex robots may well see a rise in sales in the future, you can't beat the warmth and spontaneity of a real, warm human being. It's the real deal for us, every time!

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