Robot Sperm

One of the most difficult problems for many people around the world can be to have a baby. Infertility is common and treatments can be expensive, ineffective not to mention time-consuming. But now a group of scientists have come up with a new way to treat the problem. Using robots.

Our Leeds Escorts thought this was a fascinating story. Scientists at Germany's Institute for Integrative Nanosciences have used robot technology to create the 'Spermbot'. So what's it all about? Well one of the most common reasons for infertility is low sperm mobility. That means that perfectly healthy sperm have a bit of trouble finding the egg. The Spermbot is a little metal spiral that fits around the tail of a sperm. The metal spiral uses a rotating magnetic field to make it spin so that it can propel the sperm forward, pushing it towards and into the egg to allow fertilisation a chance. Once lodged in the egg, the metal motor falls away and can be removed. If this all sounds a bit technical and a bit science fiction, that's because this is really pioneering work. The researchers have said that much, much more work needs to be done before they will be testing it on humans. But so far, the 'robot sperm' look promising. Well, we're more than happy to let robots do most things for us, so why not helping out with pro-creation too!

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