Christmas Good News For Wine Drinkers!

At last! The news couldn't be better! Science has proved that a glass of red wine has the same effects as a work out at the gym! So if you're likely to over-indulge over the coming Christmas holiday, drink red wine and you'll be ok. No, seriously, it doesn't actually replace going to the gym, but it is good for you.

Certainly our Leeds Escorts were thrilled to know that a glass of red wine a day was really good for them. Scientists in Canada found that when tested on mice, the natural compound in red wine, Resveratrol, improved physical performance, heart function and strength. Resveratrol is the same compound as found in food like nuts and grapes.

Of course, we're not mice, but is seems that the resveratrol is just as good for us. Scientiest believe the compound can help people who want to ecxrecisr but are physical incapable of doing so. Because the Resveratrol mimics the effects of exercise or it will improve the benefits of a small amount of exercise. Jason Dyck (yes, that's really his name!), lead investigator, said; ‘Resveratrol showed results similar to what you would see from extensive endurance exercise training.'

So the conclusion is that by drinking a glass of red wine a day you can create the same effects as going to the gym – although not the sex pack – you do have to work on that one! But you will strengthen your heart muscles and bones. Don't overdo it though, a 175 ml glass is enough, otherwise you risk taking on board too many extra calories.

There are other benefits to red wine too. It reduces bad cholesterol, can prevent blood clots, slows down brain decline and decreases the risk of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and cataracts.

That's the sort of news that we call a real Christmas present! Enjoy!

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