Red Wine For Better Sex

Can you remember how you feel when you've had a glass or two of red wine? Warm, fuzzy, a bit flushed? Think about it for a minute. Do you get those same feelings when you've been drinking gin or beer? The chances are the answer is no. It's not quite the same.

Our Leeds Escorts rather like this bit of research as many of them are a bit partial to a glass or two of red. It seems that red wine increase sexual arousal. In both men and women. Isn't red wine great? It can help us avoid hear attacks, lower of risk of diabetes, prevents memory loss, can help us manage our weight and now it appears it can improve our sex lives too!

How do we know this? Well a group of Italian researchers started doing some investigating into red wine and sex back in 2009. Red wine has compounds that stimulate our erogenous zones. In women drinking two glasses a day increases their sex drive, in men it increases testosterone levels in the blood.

Just beware though. You only need a couple of glasses to benefit from the sexual boost. More than that and it'll be all downhill!

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