Rampant Sex For A Long Life!

We wrote a blog last week about how a monk, who claimed to be 120 years old, put down his long life to no sex. This week the tables are turned as we read about residents in Italy who claim rampant sex is the answer to their longevity! Confused? Yeah, us too!

On the upside though, our Leeds Escorts were a lot happier with this claim!

It seems there is a village in Italy, called Acciaroli, where one in ten of the locals live to be over 100 years old. The village came to the attention of scientists who then spent six months researching why people in Acciaroli lived such long lives. Not only did they live long lives, they lived pretty healthy ones too, basically immune to medical conditions such as heart disease and dementia.

Their research led them to conclude that the long lives are down to an active sex life, and the Mediterranean diet.

At the last count, out of the village's 700 residents, 81 of them had passed the 100 mark! One hundred-year-old Antonio Vassalo said 'we only eat healthy stuff'. But the scientists weren't so easily convinced that this was the only reason for the villagers' long lives. San Diego cardiologist, Alan S Maisel came to the conclusion that 'sexual activity among the elderly appears to be rampant! Maybe living long has something to do with that, it’s probably the good air and the joie de vivre.’

So there you are. Eat well, sleep well and get plenty of sex. Sounds like a plan to us!