Warning: NSFW.

This latest display of public sex is somewhat disturbing. In fact, when they saw the video, our Leeds Escorts were pretty disgusted. It's not the location that's the problem, outside a Library, but the way the guy treats the woman.

Clearly this couple couldn’t care less about romance or discretion! They chose to have sex outside a library in Barcelona, at midday. The library isn't exactly the most idyllic spot for a close encounter, but clearly that didn't matter to these two.

The (very) graphic footage was captured by a university student who happened to be passing, and who then shared it on line, where, not surprisingly, it went viral. It features a fully clothed man pumping away on top a woman with her dress pulled up.

What unsettled our Leeds girls so much was that after the sex is over the guy simply gets up and walks away, leaving the woman on the pavement to struggle to get up on her own. Romantic? Exciting? Or just plain selfish?

What do you think?

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