Public Sex

This couple just didn't seem to care. And from the CCTV footage it certainly looks as if they planned this very public display of …er… affection? Or maybe just straight-forward naughty sex! They were certainly caught on camera, and that may have been part of the attraction for this horny pair. The CCTV clearly shows that they were already naked when they pulled up at the side of the road and jumped out for a 'quickie'.

After pulling up their car they waited for several minutes for a few cars to pass. Then they dash out of the car, naked apart from shoes, and get straight down to it by the side of the vehicle. The footage shows the man covering his prized possession as he runs around the car, and clearly shows he's wearing black shoes and white socks. The woman has on a pair of high heels. Our Leeds Escorts found the video hilarious! They did comment though that the lady looks pretty good!

It's equally obvious the couple knew there was a CCTV camera present as the guy waves to the camera when the sex act is complete. Whether it was done to spice up their sex life, fulfil a fantasy, for a bet or to amuse the CCTV operators I guess we'll never know. As the act was caught on camera, it's likely the couple could be easily tracked down, although we don't have any information as to whether or not the police got involved. Fun it may have been, but it was definitely a quickie, lasting only 10 seconds!

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